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Jasper say: The Bible is written for you, about you, and only you. Nobody can tell you what it means, because it is only for you.

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This tale set in Rome's Eastern Empire might have grand designs -- epic battles between Romans and Goths; a youthful Christianity doing battle with established religions and itself; cities under siege; treason and treachery, crucifixion and torture -- and one might think it's some sort of history lesson. Cutting through all the clutter, however, this is nothing but a love story. Just some horny guys who like to jump each other at every opportunity. Typical Jardonn.
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Three erotic tales of men living and loving through the Great Depression and World War II.

1) Furlough Bridge - A veteran of the Great War is trying to get a soldier on furlough home to his wife and kids. What he can't figure out is why the soldier is in the U.S. at all, because it's December of 1944 and he should still be in Europe, where the Battle of the Bulge is well underway.

2) Good Shepherd - Two U.S. Army Airmen find good reasons to build a solid friendship as prisoners of war inside a Nazi Stalag Luft. They need each other to survive, and with a little help from an unexpected source, they might manage to escape and find their way back to the Allied lines.

3) River of Emeralds (or when Forrest met Ernie) - There's something wrong with the Route 66 bridge over a Missouri Ozarks river. Men of a WPA camp work to repair the bridge and highway during the day, skinny-dip the river at night, where they are sometimes joined by a horny ghost who lives under the bridge. He likes to play with their wet willies, and his reason for being there might explain the mystery of the flawed bridge.


Furlough Bridge - a Trio of Greatest Generation, Manlove Tales is a
The Petersonville Correctional facility is unlike any other in the U.S. Prisoners are allowed to fight each other. Guards are allowed to punish prisoners. Prisoners are allowed to get even with guards. Fists, chains, leather, and instruments of torture are ever-present. Clothing usually is not, and it's all available to the viewing public via pay-per-view.
For the first time, Jasper and Jardonn team up for some hardcore erotic fiction of the homo, bi, and heterosexual variety. With plenty of dominating and defying, milking and denying, there's something for everybody in J&J's
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A five-story collection about male couples, their unions civil and private. Like most people, they are too busy chasing the almighty dollar to concern themselves with what others are doing in their bedrooms. These men have no need to publicly proclaim what they are. They simply, faithfully, are.
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The Burrow wants your sperm, but only if you're one of the strongest, most virile, most macho, come-firing studs in South Carolina. Thing is, the guys being tested have no clue as to why they're in a dungeon suffering through tortures painful, erotic, or both, but it really doesn't matter because there's not a damned thing they can do about it.

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Brianne, Kyle and Pete break a rule in The Burrow, and Kyle must watch Pete's punishment while he himself hangs from a Saint Andrew's cross.

Screw X Two is book 2 from the series, Erotic Tales from The Burrow, and is available for the Kindle e-reader.

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Erotic Tales from The Burrow - Book 3 (final)

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Two gay tales of bodily praise:

The elevated man showed me how to live, love, and unleash my unlimited testosterone. There he was, an older man, a married man, lying sprawled upon a mattress naked and nearly passed out from exhaustion, while I, a young, pea-brained bumpkin, droolingly prepared to make him my lab rat for learning the fine art of body worship. Yes, my dinner awaited, and I should note that the reason he was so tired is because he had recently de-virginized my tight bunghole with his mightily-manly cock.

An Erotic Tale of Grappling Homos is two gay couples wrestling on a mat. What begins as two vs. two becomes three vs. one, followed by an all-out orgy of sweat and oil-slicked sex.


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Let's Get Medieval is two novella-length tales published in one paperback book. The Tortured Secutor is set in the city of Rome 270 CE; The Bishop of Grunewald takes place in a fictional, medieval European village and castle.
The Tortured Secutor can be heard in audio format for free HERE. Just scroll down from the Theater of Contrition banner to find the chapter links.
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Read Amos Lassen review.
The book is self-published in paperback and sells for $16.95 exclusively at Amazon.com. Click title.















JASPER BOOKS & E-BOOKS (Female on male and/or bisexual)



Three erotic tales in praise of the penis. This collection includes the 2nd edition publication of Jasper's I Was Tortured By the Pygmy Love Queen.

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The Burrow wants your sperm, but only if you're one of the strongest, most virile, most macho, come-firing studs in South Carolina. Thing is, the guys being tested have no clue as to why they're in a dungeon suffering through tortures painful, erotic, or both, but it really doesn't matter because there's not a damned thing they can do about it.

The Extractionators

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See same book for Jardonn above.

Screw X Two

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In the third and final story of the series, Erotic Tales from The Burrow, men who are top producers of semen find that their reward is a trip to the tank, where they will be bound in their own aquarium and incessantly milked like common animals.

The Milking Tank Menagerie

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See same book for Jardonn above.

Penal Punishment PPV

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Three stories tell of men standing up to erotic crucifixions perpetrated by the cruelest and horniest of frothing females.
1. Aftertaste - In ancient Rome, a former gladiator hanging from the cross makes for some spicy after-dinner entertainment.
2. The Black Pouch Crusader - A tale of miners and railroaders in 1880 Idaho & Montana, taken prisoner and tortured by women with extortion on their minds. Hung up on crosses, stretched on racks and mercilessly milked, one or another of these men, we must assume, will, eventually, (Lordy, please have mercy upon them) spill it.
3. The Book - Set in some place I made up just as an excuse to crucify people of both sexes. Yum!
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Book is self-published and sold exclusively at Amazon.
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This book is published by me through Amazon and Create Space. Has to do with men dreaming they're the astronauts in Planet of the Apes, where they suffer through some extremely kinky, sometimes painful, and highly erotic tortures. Thing is, maybe they aren't dreaming, and maybe the apes aren't apes at all. Guess you might say that's the part you'll have to read to find out.
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Jasper's "Queen" version of Jardonn's original "King" tale of one man stretched on the back-breaker rack in a fictional, medieval dungeon. When standard, painful methods fail to loosen his tongue, the queen, with assistance from her six, drooling, female underlings, adds erotic tortures to her procedures of interrogation.
I've recorded an audio version of this book up to the final two chapters. Click HERE and scroll to the Triumvirate links beneath Theater of Contrition header.
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You asked for it and we surrendered. Jasper's scripts, just as he typed them out for his Tales from the Duplex audio series, are now compiled into a paperback book.
Now, you can read what he says without having to listen to him say it. Or, you can read while he agitates you with his voice. Either way, the book is on Amazon for $9.95. Link below takes you there in new window




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