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Jardonn Smith

He's the reason linguists have considered restoring the word gay to its original primary definition.


Jasper McCutcheon

Uncle Jasper is a connoisseur of cunillingus, and he tactlessly talks with his mouth full.

Jack McCutcheon

This little cretin is always hanging around with nothing to do, so I let him run the web site.

We write books and e-books of kink, i.e., erotic romance with bindings.
Jardonn brand is Male on male; Jasper is Female on male.
Does this mean I'm pomosexual?
Also record erotic mp3 audios of the same activities called
Uncle Jasper's Five-fingered Bedtime Stories,
and text tales called BDMD (bind, dominate, milk, deny).
Everything else here is extras done if and when time and motivation allow.
Now you can read Kindle ebooks whether
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05-29-15 this book now available
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Belle Eva Unger and the
are back as though the past
five years never happened.
Jardonn's Kindle book 03-28-15
Three stories formerly published separately
are now compiled into one. Furlough Bridge,
Good Shepherd & River of Emeralds (was Green River)
Posted on our book page,
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Jardonn medieval dungeon story posted 08-04-14
for the new home of the Aquadude Bunker - A DAY FOR FAMILY
Jasper's latest says you've
got to be a real dick to get
anywhere in this life.
This 3-story collection includes
the 2nd edition publication of Jasper's
I Was Tortured By the Pygmy Love Queen
Also published in Print Paperback.
Lonesome, Too / Going Back
Book 3 is end of the series,
Erotic Tales from The Burrow
and is now in the Kindle store.
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Book 2 of the series,
Erotic Tales from The Burrow
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This ebook released 6-29-12.
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Jardonn and Jasper's first-ever
book done together, Penal Punishment PPV
We invite you to READ A PIECE
Got my own blog. See? It's singular.
Jardonn story, Bandit's Prey is a
free read at Gay Demon.com
Photo gallery added: MEN IN TRUNKS.

RESET! & Nom De Strip - I can see boobies from RESET! on Vimeo.

I am addicted to this. Not just the boobies, but the music
and how it synths with the visuals. Retro San Francisco, let's go!



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Scripted audios with Jasper and pals voicing out the rough stuff. Oh, how the men do so heroically suffer.

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Photo Gallery of old-time wrestlers. MEN IN TRUNKS
Erotic eBooks
Adult eBook Shop is a secure online store selling downloadable erotic ebooks.
Our ebooks include bondage, master and slave, classic erotica, sci-fi erotica and more...
GayDemon's Guide to Gay Porn
Superb gay directory, tons of free stuff: stories, pics, videos clips
Top-notch book review site.
Jardonn's Suspicious Diagnosis is a 2010 Top Five Pick
for gay romance books from Dick Smart at Lambda Literary.
See post and listen to audio broadcast on
Mr. Smart's segment begins at 7:50 of the broadcast.
On March 1, Mr. Smart posted his written thoughts regarding
Suspicious Diagnosis to the Lambda Literary.Org site.
Up on Amazon 10-06-10
Read a text excerpt.
Read Out in Print review.
Read Amos Lassen review.
Listen to Audio Excerpt.
(back cover blurb)
In paperback for $9.95
See on Amazon at this link: Suspicious Diagnosis
Or, Kindle Version - $3.75
He dreams that he and his buddies are the astronauts in Planet of the Apes, but is it a dream? Are the apes really apes, or something far more sinister?
One thing's for sure, in Jasper's McCutcheon's Celestial Bodies of the Hairy Gorilla-Men, these astronauts suffer through some of the most bizarre, kinky, painfully-erotic tortures that have ever been concocted inside Uncle J's tragically-warped brain. Do I need mention that clothing is nowhere to be found?
Jasper's book now available for $8.95 USD in print paperback at Amazon here:
Also available for Amazon's Kindle Reader - $3.12 here:
for audio excerpts from the book.
Erotic Tales of Men on the Cross
and the Women Who Put Them There
Jasper's 3-story print book is now available for the Kindle Reader. Click title link above to see on Amazon.com - $5.49
Heated hetero romance from a new publishing imprint
THE ATHLETIC MODEL GUILD - The amazing male physique in action, vintage video.
MILITARY RELIEF - Organizations that assist current and retired military personnel, their children and spouses
NATIONAL WORLD WAR ONE MUSEUM - and the Liberty Memorial Tower
ENERGY SAVERS - Products to save you money and make your household more efficient
TOUGH NUTS - The Hollywood variety. We tell you why we love these men and give you slideshows of selected movie titles. Barton MacLane - Randolph Scott - Wallace Beery - Edward G. Robinson - We Love Westerns Slideshow

SHIRTLESS WONDERS - Macho movie men who take their punishment well.

MALE IMAGES - In art and photography through history, in book form.

Musical Film Score Composer - Elmer Bernstein, bio and reason to admire

THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY - Before the interstates, before Route 66. Here's a bit of history.
SCOTTY ANDERSON - Hot-fingered man with a Telecaster guitar

In the Vangar/Globalfight Video Galleries - HOT!




SUBTERRANEAN - Borg and Baron's Yahoo Group, where you can join up for free and talk with these talented digital artists specializing in male bondage fantasies, plus see detailed pics of their full-sized works. Group started 4-7-07.
AQUADUDE BUNKER - Site for fans of artist and writer Aquadude, whose image storyboards focus on heroic men taking heavy punishments in manly fashion. Tons of pictures, stories, vintage comics, magazine covers, etc., and all free to see.
GLOBALFIGHT - Pay site for real men into sports (heavy on wrestling, workouts and boxing with or without gear both athletic and erotic). Huge personals section with verified listings; live cams; real action; live chat. Gay, straight, bi, plenty for all. Home of Dick Nasty, Carolina Jim and Hot Irish Man
ELISA ROLLE - This woman gives great insights to the books she reviews. The added bonus? Daily postings of very attractive men.
AMOS LASSEN REVIEWS - Amos Lassen has seen hundreds of films and read hundreds of books. He brings all knowledge to the reviews he writes of what he's watching and reading now.
TOP2BOTTOM REVIEWS - This site is clean and crisp, easy to read and navigate. Best of all, their staff of reviewers know their MM Romance/gay fiction stuff and tell it like it is.
SPEAK ITS NAME - Top-notch book review site focusing on historical erotica. Here are some of the most intelligent, honest, and thoroughly-written book reviews found anywhere on the web.
BIBRARY BOOKLUST - A blog for book lovers with open minds and open hearts: dedicated to the power of creativity, the wonder of originality, the delight of curiosity, the beauty of diversity, and the joy of imagination.
GAY/LESBIAN EXCERPTS - Blog with free-to-read excerpts from current or upcoming erotic books.
LAMBDA LITERARY ORGANIZATION - LGBT book reviews, author interviews, opinions and news.
DOCK 9 -Group on Yahoo for working men, truckers and average joes. Erotic stories and artwork. Free to join; free to see.
DOCK 9x2 - Two Docks are better than one. New Google group with bigger pictures and always-growing database of great stories. All free.
WRESTLEMEN - The real thing with over 10,000 men listed. Gear is hot; wrestling intense. Featuring DVD's or web TV. Watch the clips of men in trunks. See masculine muscle horrendously stretched. Hear them groan. Watch them suffer.
More Links - Frequented by JARDONN or JASPER.



Publisher with a stellar list of authors
Jasper made a slideshow for one of his songs
and put it on YouTube HERE



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Jack McCutcheon, May 2009




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