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TURRET TWO - It is a place where partners punish with pleasure.


UNDERUSA - Chapter 1? - A chained man gets a gummy, but the gummy giver can only gum a little.


A DAY FOR FAMILY - Jardonn's medieval dungeon story is written for and posted exclusively at the Aquadude Bunker site, where you'll find tons of artwork and stories of heroic men in trouble.


PETE RADCLIFFE, HE-MAN OF THE AMERICAN WEST- I'm serializing (weekly) the text version of Jasper's audio story, The Underground Vixens of Ballbreaker Pass, over at the Frothing Author Blog.


CONFINED TO BLISS - Jasper's tale of a middle-aged married man reminiscing over his years of romance and kink.


TALK NOW, MAN - A collection of snippets from Jardonn and Jasper books.


PAW WOLFYWITS - He kinda scared me, but not so bad I couldn't drain his nuts. A Jardonn story of male-to-male petting, far-fetched torture, and fabulicious fur.


SUPER BOWL SUNDAY - a Jasper bi-bondage tale of football tragedy.


BANDIT'S PREY - Jardonn's story is posted as free read at one of my favorite sites, Gay


GET WITH THE PROGRAM - An excerpt from Jardonn story, A True Ring (in the book, Suspicious Diagnosis) - a young, up-and-coming wrestler works the pro circuit in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1965.


MEDICAL UNPROFESSIONALS - This substitute doctor and her kinky nurse sure have strange ways of giving a man his annual physical. A Jasper 2 females vs. 1 male tale.


FROM OUT OF NOWHERE - Jardonn's story involves one homo, three farmers, and one hotel room with a king-sized bed. Not hard to guess what sorts of sordid activities go down here.


THE MILKING TREE - Jasper's 2008 tale of female domination is set in Africa, where a man crucified on a swinging patibulum must screw a dozen tribal warriors whether he's up for it or not.


A MASTERPIECE - The erotic crucifixion of a retired leatherneck. It's the complete third chapter from the Jasper/Jardonn book, Penal Punishment Pay-per-view.


COME TO AMERICA - Jardonn Thumbnail Tale #7 - he came to box, came to be champion, but he came to the wrong place.


THE LUNCH-MUNCH BUNCH - Jardonn Thumbnail Tale #6 - she lured him over to be her handy-man, but once the repairs are finished, she and her girlfriends render his hands useless and his naked body fair game. A couple of my thumbnails are manipulated to fit my tale.


THE DOUBLE-CROSS WET-DOWN - Jardonn Thumbnail Tale #5 - a misunderstanding between business partners results in some two versus one punishment in a hot tub.


THE MASSACRE - A Jardonn Thumbnail Tale. Combining text with 15, 160x125 pics, Jardonn's short story tells of three wrestlers going Greek, as two gang up on one with the outcome inevitable.


SHOVE IT- Another Jardonn Thumbnail Tale. He fired them for good reason. They responded with a sadistic assault some would consider uncivilized.


FOR HER - Thumbnail Tale #3. The first page you see on this web site proclaims our motto, "Worshiping the Male Form in Audio and Text." This offering fulfills the text part of that promise, along with some thumbnails to emphasize the point.


ASSIMILATION - Jardonn Thumbnail Tale #4 - he's alone in a foreign world, an unwilling participant in a project of evil.






This next group of stories is based on panels (samples posted on page) by photo-manipulation artists Borg, Baron and Aquadude. The scenes are XXX, graphic, hard-core and male on male. They include violence, bondage and punishment. Despite this they are also, to some (like me!), artistically pleasing to the eye and heatedly arousing to the groin. The Jardonn stories written for them involve the same elements. Fair warning is given.


JOHNNY, MY GOD OF THE SUN - Staked to the sand, naked skin baking, one man must honor the desert with his sweat and with his suffering. (Based on a single-plate fantasy image by Aquadude, panel and link on story page.)


CARNIVALE - Based on a Baron picture, a victorious war means hapless prisoners, and the shrewd Baron arranges a festival of celebration for the peons on his estate with bound male victims as entertainment.


FIREDOME- Sent to protect the rainforest, a man is captured by those who wish to exploit it, and with their fists they try to punch the information out of him. (Based on Aquadude's single-plate fantasy, Greenpeace Activist in the Rainforests of Malaysia)


SEPARATION - Power struggles can be both stimulating and impaling. (Based on BORG's medieval picture, 1437, link on story page.)


PURDY BOY - Vindictive geezer entertains himself with a captive football stud. (Inspired by Aquadude's single-plate fantasy, The Farmer and the College Jock. Panel and link on story page.)


ADRIANOPLE - For Rome a disastrous defeat; for two men torture by crucifixion; features a stunning picture by artist BARON.






The stories above are FANTASIES. We would never advocate any of this happening in the real world. It is for the imagination, our secret world where no one else can go.




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Unless otherwise noted, all stories posted on this web site are registered with the United States Copyright Office under the pseudonym, "Jardonn", who is the owner of the copyrights and intellectual property.

Permission for reproduction can be requested by writing to jardonn58 (at) and typing "Reproduction Request" into your subject line.





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Jardonn & Jasper books

The star of Jasper's story is the slab, a block of wood upon which a naked man is stretched lengthwise while his spine is torqued backwards, ie, his chest and belly are up while the rest of him is down. Such is the fate of Davidius. This tough-ass SOB can take the beatings of hired henchmen, but can he take the lickings of tormenting female tongues? The tauntings of their hands, fingers, dripping pussies and bulbous boobies? How many times can they bring him to the brink of orgasm and deny him before he tells them what they want to know?

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The Burrow is an awful place. Men are tortured here. Stripped and chained and inexplicably assaulted by brutish men and drooling females. Apparently though, The Burrow is also a magical place, because the men who suffer and survive their ordeals always come back for more.

The Extractionators is book one of a pending series made exclusively for Amazon's Kindle Readers. It is hardcore, male punishment erotica with hetero and bisexual activities, and sells at Amazon for $2.99 USD. See it here:

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For us vintage pro wrestling fans, one of Jardonn's stories tells of a talented ladder-climber in the Tulsa circuit, circa 1965, as he develops techniques that will propel him to the big contracts in big venues. In between matches, he also develops a big-time love affair with his hero-worshiping trainer.

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Jasper McCutcheon

THE CRUX OF IT - Erotic Tales of Men on the Cross and the Women Who Put Them There... Three stories of erotic crucifixion, followed by Jasper's quick guide to orgasmic crucifixion games done inexpensively at home. In print paperback or for the Kindle Reader at



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